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Where you can view and buy high quality greetings cards, enlargements and photo books featuring the beauty and magic of Connemara.

Connemara, situated in Western Galway on the edge of the Atlantic, is indeed a magical place, which captures the soul. There's something about the light - constantly shifting by the moment, by the hour, by the day, by the season.... Things never look the same way twice.

Connemara is a rugged place, all sea and waves and rocks and bog. Barely a tree in sight; the weather is too harsh, here where the winds blow full of salt from the North Atlantic.
Sunny days are a bonus here. But all who visit Connemara know about this already, and they don't come for the weather. They come for the scenery and that special quality of light, and for the peace that Connemara brings to the soul.

CONNEMARA MAGIC brings you a selection of different photographic images of this lovely place.

The images on the cards are the work of HEATHER GREER, a well-known photographer whose home is near Cleggan, on the Aughrus Peninsula in NW Connemara - her kitchen window looks out over the sea towards the islands of Inishbofin and Inishark. Her images are used in many publications: newspapers, magazines, websites, books...and large-scale enlargements hang in people's homes the world over. Some of her extensive collection of photos of the butterflies and moths of Connemara form the only permanent private collection in the famous Connemara National Park. Heather has produced, and maintains, the community websites for her locality; do visit them, at www.AughrusPeninsula.com and www.FestivalOfTheSea.net.

Some images are presented as generously sized greetings cards (carrying an evocative title on the outer back, but blank inside, for your message).

The cards are either A5 (A4 folded) in size, or DL (as in "Lone Traveller In The Storm" above, taken at Aughrusbeg on the Aughrus Peninsula in NW Connemara).  They come individually sello-wrapped, together with suitably sized envelopes.

A much larger selection is on offer as high quality enlargements suitable for framing. These are produced to your order, and can hence be provided to you in different sizes, some of them in larger sizes up to 36 inches in width or height, if you wish (one of the images is actually used on the 6-foot wide sign on the Galway-Clifden-Westport Road, at the turning to Cleggan village;  so we can 'do' BIG should you want it!). And, if you're looking for stock photography featuring Connemara, scenery, nature....well, Heather's images have been used in many publications, printed and online, and you're welcome to enquire about images on this site, or indeed about others unpublished here.

A third - and new - offering comes from Heather's interest in social archiving; so many activities and places and faces have disappeared from the Connemara landscape, and they continue to

The annual Omey Races, which take place each Summer on Omey Strand

disappear.  Although more photographs than ever before are being taken, how many of these will survive in 20 years, 30 years, 50 years? And, like the photos, activities and "The Way We Are" are continuing to change, and in many cases are disappearing for ever.
A preoccupation for Heather now is to document and preserve the faces, activities, events, skills, ways of life, especially around her own home on the Aughrus Peninsula, in NW Connemara
(see www.AughrusPeninsula.com).

On this site, you can browse the range of cards, photographic enlargements, and 'photobooks' on offer; and you can contact Heather in order to buy your own.
Whether you buy or not, I hope you enjoy looking around!

Heather Greer


Omey Strand, Claddaghduff, Connemara, Co Galway, Ireland